Hike Meeting Places

Usual Meeting Places for Start of Hikes

CAT NW corner Tanque Verde and Catalina Highway. Park center of lot - way east of the library
CHEVRON I-10 EAST NW corner Wilmot and I-10. Parallel park along far north curb of paved parking lot. Display bulletin cover on dashboard.
IRVINGTON/I-19 NE Corner Irvington and I-19. Park close to Irvington between the two entrances to the strip mall.
OGO Parking lot NE corner Oracle and Orange Grove, between CVS Pharmacy and the Bank of Tucson.
ORACLE & MAGEE Parking lot SE corner of Oracle and Magee. Park middle area near Oracle, south of the bank.
PARK & RIDE I-10 I-10 and Ruthrauff/ El Camino del Cerro exit. Park on NE corner frontage road lot, east side of freeway.
PAW Shopping Center parking lot on SW corner Wrightstown and Pantano. Back of shopping center behind Brawley's.
SC-VC Sabino Canyon Visitors' Center, 5900 N. Sabino Canyon Road, just north of Sunrise. Meet at ramada by parking lot.
SUNRISE VILLAGE Parking lot SE corner Sunrise and Swan. Park as close to intersection as possible. No overnight parking. Guide notify Safeway manager that SAHC is parking there before departing on hike.
FOOD CITY SW corner St. Mary's and Grande Ave. Park in front of Factory to U close to St. Mary's
WILMOT PLAZA Parking lot on NE corner Broadway and Wilmot. Park on the far west side.
CROSS-TOWN CAR POOL Designated meeting places are PAW and OGO. The designated meeting time is 45 minutes before the posted hike time. If only one person shows up at the Cross-town Car Pool site, that person can drive to meet the guide as they would have done anyway. If two or more people show up, they can car pool to the posted meeting place.
OV Market OV Market, 11625 N Oracle Road (New meetng place)
Bashas Bashas, In front of Bashas’ at the NW corner of Camp Lowell and Swan. (New meetng place))


Before attempting a scheduled hike, please call guide for recommendations regarding difficulty and/or pace of hike, what water to bring, etc. No reservation is necessary unless requested by guide. It is strongly suggested new members attend an information meeting or new member hike.


Four factors determine the difficulty of a hike: 1) mileage 2) terrain 3) total elevation gain 4) pace. Terrain ranges from good trails to rock scrambling, climbing, or even swimming. A short hike is not necessarily an easy hike. Hikes are graded in the following manner.

Class Max Miles Max Climb Class Max Miles Max Climb
A No Limit No Limit B 16 miles 3000 feet
C 8 miles 1500 feet D 3 miles 500 feet

In addition, a rating has been established to distinguish"canyon hikes" from trail hikes.

Class Difficulty Criteria Class Difficulty Criteria
1 Easy Hands used for balance only 2 Moderate Hands used for climbing
3 Difficult Expoxure, rock scrambling 4 Strenuous Exposure, large boulders to negotiate

This will be used with our existing trail ratings, for example, B/3. Any canyon may have exposure or steep, loose, hillsides to negotiate. Also, water can make any canyon much more difficult. These ratings are only a general guideline. Contact the guide for more information.


Five (5) cents per mile if the drive is primarily on paved roads, and up to ten (10) cents per total miles for drives requiring high clearance and/or 4 X 4 vehicles. Drivers, please inform your rider(s) of the anticipated cost before you leave the parking area.

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